Delicious Empire is a boutique design studio specializing in motion graphics and illustration.


A collection of our favorite work.


For Fun


Platform Video

UC Davis

Instructional Video

Microbes to Biomes

Initiative Video


Platform Video


Platform and Product Videos


Product Video

DE Holiday Video

Promo Material

The Robot

Short Film


We can help turn your rough idea into a unique, polished video.


Bring us a script and we'll draw and design storyboards for your project. We typically work in a flat, 2D style. Check out our reel or portfolio for examples.

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Motion Graphics

An animated video will explain your product, idea, or service to people quickly and easily. We'll do all the heavy lifting and you'll walk away with a great sales tool.

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Starting from scratch? We can create additional branding materials that mesh seamlessly with your video project, like custom website illustrations and animated gifs.

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About Us

We love creating great products for our clients.

Karen Hansen

Karen Hansen

Creative Director

Since 2011, we've been providing our clients with high-quality, one-of-a-kind videos to showcase their ideas, products, or services.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing illustrations to life, we'll work with you to develop visual materials that will take your concept to the next level.

Delicious Empire was born in San Francisco out of a shared vision to create really cool things! We have since moved our offices up to *sunny* Portland, Oregon and are enjoying this chapter in our story. Want to be a part of it? →

We also moonlight as a tiny, independent publishing company. You can find our first book here and locally around Portland at Tender Loving Empire. Or you can check out more of Karen's work here.